Atul Tanaji Mohite

About me

I am a PhD student in the group of Étienne Fodor at University of Luxembourg . My main field of interest is theoretical and statistical biophysics. I am interested in non-linear and non-equilibrium phenomena in physics. This includes a wide range of problems in theoretical biophysics and statistical physics. My main focus lies in active matter dynamics and coarsening dynamics in a biological context. My recent academic interest is stochastic thermodynamics and it's connection to information geometry. The research topics I would primarily like to work on are stochastic thermodynamics, non-linear dynamics, stochastic processes, information theory and soft condensed matter.


The research topics I would primarily like to work on are

  • Stochastic thermodynamics
  • Non-equilibrium statistical physics
  • Stochastic processes in Physics and Biology
  • Non-linear dynamics and Pattern formation in Biophysics
  • Information theory and information processing in Biophysics
  • Soft condensed matter


PhD Thesis - Optimal control in Stochastic thermodynamics for field theories

The project is a part of 14 projects of Doctoral Training Unit of the University of Luxembourg funded under project PhD13 of DTU ACTIVE. The main theme of the project is to optimize the entropy production for the phase transition observed in different classes of models.

Master's Thesis - Mechanochemical co-operatovity and pattern formation

The project was inspired by recent experimental observations that the proteins inside a cell are capable of sensing mechanical properties of the membrane. The main aim of the project was to build a prototypical model based on the mechanochemical coupling of proteins on a membrane. Basic concepts of statistical physics, stochastic processes and non-linear dynamics were used to formulate the model. The model produces interesting theoretical results. For two protein species, one can extract kinetic activation and deactivation rates. The simulation of a reaction-diffusion model led to the formation of patterns. The coarsening of patterns can be regulated if protein species violate mass conservation law.

Contact Me

University of Luxembourg
Department of Physics and Materials Science
Campus Limpertsberg
162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
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